Info about ARMS

Since March 2003, ARMS has:

  • Shipped over 1,300,000 lbs. of necessities to servicemen and women overseas.
  • Distributed 480 Thanksgiving baskets.
  • Collected 68,260 presents for children of mobilized soldiers.
  • Distributed 25,000 pre-paid calling cards.
  • Served 180,000 meals to troops.
  • Provided over $168,000 in direct financial aid to families.
  • Served meals and snacks to over 180,000 family members.
  • Raised $30,000 to send 42 soldiers home for the holidays before deployment.
  • Participated in over 150 Homecomings and Freedom Salutes from.

Our annual goal is to provide a care package for every service member from the tri-state area.

ARMS is a volunteer organization that relies solely on charitable donations. We welcome donations of all products to help us further our mission to support our Military. We reserve the right to determine the appropriate use of items donated.

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