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Greetings, my name is SSG Phillip Bliss and I am one of the few Soldiers that are currently deployed to the miserable hole in the sand where we are located. Unlike previous deployments to Iraq, availability of creature comforts have greatly diminished. We would love coffee, creamers, travel mugs, jerky, and anything healthy and nutritious. We could use some hygiene items not readily here for us- long lasting antiperspirants, toothbrushes, baking soda and peroxide toothpaste, shaving cream and razors… We also love to play football, basketball, soccer, frisbee, horseshoes, cornhole, cards and board games. On every previous deployment, my Soldiers and I were so appreciative and grateful for the love and support of US volunteers supporting us with letters and care packages. A lot of my Soldiers were young and it was the first time away from home and the goodies we received helped remind them of home, that they were not forgotten, and reminded us what we were fighting for- the freedoms of our American society! Thank you ever so much for your time. Here is my deployed address:

Phillip Bliss
Al Asad FLE
APO AE 09333

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